Martina understands how important healthcare is to everyone who live in the Northeast. As our Representative, she’s taken real action to make it more affordable and accessible.

  • Passed a bipartisan law to reduce the cost of prescription drugs

  • Supporting a Paid Family Leave program to help working families

  • Voted for Telemedicine to reduce costs and increase accessibility

  • Supporting healthcare reforms to make purchasing insurance more affordable

  • Provided funding for charity care to ensure coverage for our most vulnerable

Martina gets it: the best way to help Northeast families is to bring good paying jobs to our area. As State Representative, that’s exactly what she is fighting to do:

  • Supporting career and technical education that provides local residents with the skills employers want

  • Focused on growing a responsible energy industry to create family sustaining jobs

  • Standing up for the rights of workers and working to preserve the benefits that Northeast families have earned

  • Making PA more attractive to job creators to keep the jobs we have and attract new ones

Martina knows that strong and effective schools are the key to future success for our children. As Representative, she’s working every day to make education better.

  • Voting to increase education funding to its highest level ever to help local schools and students

  • Creating new School Safety Grants to help ensure the safety of children while they are away from us

  • Passing a new bipartisan funding formula that provides more

  • Supporting efforts to reduce standardized testing so teachers can focus on teaching real skills instead of teaching to tests

  • Encouraging community involvement that keeps neighborhoods safe and clean, as well as supporting local schools through an innovative tax credit program.

As a lifelong resident of the Northeast, Martina understands that we all want to preserve the unique character and quality-of-life in our neighborhoods. As our State Representative, she is standing side-by-side with us to do the things that make that happen.

  • Supporting our law enforcement, fire fighters and EMTs – both for the work they do and with the tools they need.

  • Fighting the opioid epidemic by supporting treatment for those trapped in addiction, strong penalties for dealers, and by working with the medical community to end over-prescribing.

  • Working with community groups and neighborhood associations to address local issues.

  • Opposing radical policies that treat criminals better than crime victims.

Martina knows that whether you’re a working family or a retired senior, paying more in taxes is the last thing you need…especially now. As Representative, she has been a strong voice for fiscal discipline in state government.

  • Stopped a disastrous income and sale tax increase that would have hurt everyone in the Northeast

  • Passed responsible budgets that control spending while fully funding education and focusing on priorities like job creation

  • Passed a new bipartisan school funding formula that has meant more money for Philadelphia schools

  • Supported legislation to make sure more older residents than ever before receive property tax relief

Martina is dealing responsibly with the coronavirus by supporting efforts that control the spread of the virus while working to safely get us back to normal and restart our economy. As Representative she has:

  • Ensured PPE is there for healthcare workers, emergency responders and frontline workers.

  • Protected our most vulnerable with emergency funding to help nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

  • Passed a bipartisan law to expand COVID-19 test reporting across the state.

  • Voted to help PA workers who lost their jobs due to COVID-10, provide Hazard Pay to emergency workers who contract the virus, and fought the Administration to fix the broken unemployment system.